MasterForce Multi-Tool Review

The Master-Force Utila-Tool 2.2 Amp Oscillating Tool is designed for home projects and the do-it-yourselfer. The tool is made from durable plastic and has rubber grips. There is a variable speed dial that allows you to change from 11,000 OPM all the way up to 20,000 OPM. And like most oscillating tools it is great for difficult cuts in tight or hard to reach areas.

The kit we tested was purchased at Menards and came with the tool, bag and several attachments.

Tool Specifications
Amps: 2.2A
No Load Speeds: 11,000 – 20,000 OPM
Variable Speed Dial: Yes (6 Speeds)
Oscillation Angle: +/- 1.4°

Housing Material: Plastic
Tool Length W/O blade: 10 1/2″


Up Side

The Master-Force Utila-Tool works great in hard to reach tight spaces, just like most oscillating tools. It will save you tons of time and replace many of the hand tools in your tool box.

The Master-Force Utila-Tool comes with a nice long power cord that is well constructed. The corded tools tend to have more power and there is no need to worry about changing or charging batteries.

The Master-Force Utila-Tool has a nice 2.2 amp motor that will get you through almost any job.

Down Side

The Master-Force Utila-Tool is a great tool for the price and will work well for the  home owner and hobbyist.

When we were testing the tool we noticed that it tended to heat up on long jobs and may require taking breaks in cutting to allow the tool to cool.

The blades that come with the Sonicrafter did not stand up to the nails we tried to cut. These blades were expensive (over $10 each) and were dull after only a few nails.


As always, take time to find the correct speed and amount of pressure for each cut. Applying to much pressure will shorten the life of your blades and may result in a pour cut.

This tool may overheat on long hard cuts. If the tool becomes hot to the touch, give it time to cool before making more cuts.

It is important to wear the proper safety equipment when using any power tool. Safety goggles, dust mask and gloves if necessary.


This is one of the lowest priced tools we have tested. It will only be suitable for the home owner and hobbyist. It may require cooling time between cuts. If you’re planning to use this tool all day we would recommend a more industrial tool like the Fein Supercut. All in all the Dremel and Bosch tools are much better built tools but will cost a bit more.










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One Response to MasterForce Multi-Tool Review

  1. Tim Engen says:

    what a joke. Dremel is much worse. 2 contractor friends have burned the Dremel up . 1 burned up 2. We all have This Masterforce tool and it has outperformed them easily. With a ton of contractor type use. One of your little tests doesn’t prove anything. The Dremel blades are a joke, too.. Paying for a recognizable name PERIOD.

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