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Imperial Blades employs engineers and other technical professionals to improve existing products and develop new products. Your idea for a new or improved product may have already been considered or be under development by Imperial Blades. So, to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding as to the origin of an idea, a definite understanding must be reached before Imperial Blades can agree to receive or review your idea. Please note that your idea has not been and will not be disclosed within or reviewed by Imperial Blades until you consent to certain conditions relating to your idea. Imperial Blades prefers that you consult with a patent attorney and file a patent application or obtain a patent before submitting your idea to Imperial Blades. However, Imperial Blades will evaluate your idea with or without a patent, but only under the conditions listed  below.

If the conditions listed below are acceptable to you, please complete the form and submit it to Imperial Blades. By submitting this form, you represent that you have the power to enter into this agreement and to disclose the idea to Imperial Blades.  Upon receipt of this form with no changes or additions, your idea may be evaluated and you will be advised of our interest. A form must be submitted by each individual who contributed to the idea.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. “Imperial Blades” as used herein includes subsidiaries, divisions, dealers, officers, owners, employees, agents, and servants of Imperial Blades.
  2. You agree to disclose the name of each individual who contributed to your idea and each such individual has submitted this form, and you represent that you are under no obligation to exclusively license or assign your idea to any other individual or entity.
  3. In consideration for Imperial Blades evaluating your idea, you agree that Imperial Blades is released from any and all obligations to you in connection with the design, development, manufacture, sale or use of your idea or any portion thereof except such obligations as may result under valid, enforceable, and unexpired patents which may have granted or may be granted in the future.
  4. All submissions or disclosures of ideas are voluntary on your part. No obligations or confidential relationships, either expressed or implied, are assumed by Imperial Blades with respect to any idea submitted. Imperial Blades is under no obligation to maintain the idea in secret or confidence for any reason.
  5. Copies of all ideas submitted to Imperial Blades may be kept by Imperial Blades to prevent future misunderstandings regarding the scope of the submission. Any lawsuit or other action based on use by Imperial Blades of an idea not the subject of an issued U.S. patent submitted by you under this program must be filed no later than two (2) years after you disclose your idea to Imperial Blades.
  6. Imperial Blades does not have any obligation to reveal any information concerning its evaluation of your idea or concerning past, present or future activities of Imperial Blades.
  7. Your idea will be considered only with the understanding that the use, if any, by Imperial Blades of such ideas is within the sole discretion of Imperial Blades.
  8. Unless and until you obtain a patent for your idea, the only compensation to be paid to you should Imperial Blades use your unpatented idea shall be a sample of a production version of a product incorporating your idea of a value not to exceed a suggested retail price of $200.00 plus $3,000.00, and such compensation shall be paid only if Imperial Blades uses your idea in production products and if Imperial Blades was not aware of the idea prior to your submission of it to Imperial Blades.
  9. Patented ideas and ideas covered by pending patent applications will be considered only with the understanding that you agree to rely solely on such rights as you may have under the patent laws, including but not limited to patent and industrial design laws, of the United States and/or any foreign country. If you own a patent covering Imperial Blades’ use of your idea, then an agreement, such as a royalty-bearing license, a purchase of the patent or the like, can be negotiated.
  10. The foregoing conditions may not be modified or waived by you.

I confirm I have read, understood and accept the terms & conditions for submitting my invention.