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USA Made

How did Imperial Blades get started?

From the back of a wood flooring shop in 2009, Chris Palmer and David Zielke began manufacturing high quality, universal American Made oscillating saw blades & accessories for a fraction of the price of the competitors. Chris and David found a niche in the market that opened the doors to exponential growth in the oscillating saw blade category with the support of contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

What sets Imperial Blades apart?

As part of our continuous improvement mission, Imperial Blades’ products are made from high-quality materials for professional grade performance and longevity. Look for our industry-leading titanium coated STORM range for increased longevity compared to our competitors and standard materials.

How can Imperial Blades help me complete my project?

Imperial Blades has accepted the challenge of an ever-changing market and innovates to fulfill the need for that one project through a wide range of oscillating saw blades applications: cutting, grinding, scraping and sanding. Through each of these applications, Imperial Blades offers a universal One Fit shank that allows for fitment on all major brands as well as a shank for the popular SuperCut and Starlock oscillating tools.

Does Imperial Blades sell direct?

No, Imperial Blades only sells through our dealer and distributor partners. That said, many of our “brick and mortar” partners have online stores that will ship our product right to your preferred address.

Will your Oscillating blades fit my tool?

Imperial Blades offers oscillating blade anchors that fit every single tool on the market. With our One Fit, Starlock and SuperCut ranges, we are the only true universal brand.

Where can I find your blades?

Imperial Blades has thousands of dealer/distributor partners across the United States and Canada. You may find the store closest to you on our Where to Buy page.

How can I get my local store to carry your blades?

If your preferred dealer/distributor does not stock an Imperial Blades product that you would like to buy, simply ask them to stock it. We partner with virtually every wholesale distributor in the nation so your dealer/distributor of choice most likely will have access to any IB product.

My blade did not perform correctly, what can I do?

Imperial Blades stands behind our products 100%. We have a satisfaction and quality guarantee. If you believe the blade broke down due to “non-wear and tear” issues, we will replace it for free! Please simply return it to the place in which it was purchased, and they will replace it.

What is the difference between the gold blade and the non-gold oscillating blade?

Our “gold” blades (STORM) are Titanium Nitride coated. Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating repels heat for longer life, reduces friction for better performance, and its high hardness prolongs the life of the cutting edge.