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Imperial Blades 4-in-1 Features Drywall Blade

Innovative & Award Winning Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade


Sun Prairie, WI: Imperial Blades announced the launch of their 4-IN-1 Features Drywall Blade, available in stores next month. Unlike other drywall-focused oscillating multi-tool renditions, this blade possesses more features that simplify and speed up the most common drywall cuts for Pros and DIYers alike.

The Drywall blade includes 4 distinct features: a dagger blade, depth gauges, piercing tips and shaver notches. The dagger blade arm has a slim profile for controlled circular cuts for PVC, pipes, can lights, circular outlets, ceiling fans, and more. The depth gauges show the most common drywall widths in inches and millimeters. Piercing tips on the end of both arms work by initiating the cut for a clean start. Also, the distinctive ridges referred to as “shaver notches” smooth out straight cuts by grabbing drywall debris while running the blade parallel against the cut.

All of these benefits combined allowed this blade to capture the 2018 Pro Tools Innovation Award –

“Imperial Blades nails a design that’s perfect for Pros who need to know exactly how deep they’re cutting with increments dialed into common drywall thicknesses. And if you’re on the conservative side, shaver notches help make the hole a little wider. These blades are what you need to keep the patchwork to a minimum.” (

To see this blade in action, check out

Imperial Blades was founded with the sole mission to provide highest quality and most innovative oscillating multi-tool accessories. It has stayed true to its promise of delivering innovation with it’s One Fit™ universal anchor in 2009 as well as its premium Storm Titanium Enhanced, TiN series in 2010. For more information visit us online at