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One Fit™ 4-IN-1 Features Drywall Blade


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  • Recommended applications: Drywall
  • Combines 4-in-1 Features for more versatility within one blade
    • Dagger Blade: Allows for detailed cuts, especially tight circular cuts
    • Depth Gauges: Increments reflect drywall thickness, and are designed to monitor depth of cuts
    • Piercing Tips: Initiate the cut for a clean start, along with push/pull cut capabilities
    • Shaver Notches: Removes excess drywall along straight cuts for a smoother and more precise edge
  • Popular projects: Electrical outlet boxes, can lights, PVC and more
  • Front blade width is designed to plunge cut the exact width of most standard American outlet boxes
  • 2-1/8″ (54mm) HCS
  • Available pack sizes: 1PC


Tool Compatibility

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